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We supply best Organic & natural Mangoes.

Amar Mango Merchant’s with its retail brand started in 1965 is an India based company committed to providing safe, high-quality fresh mangoes.

Amar Mango Merchant’s aim is to  provide organic & natural mangoes ,through its best in class pack house and handling framework, severe quality control measures, nonstop improvement through examination and commitment to secure the local area and the climate at large. Amar mango’s relationship with the farmers of the nation have assisted them to procure highest quality and healthy products.


Amar Mango Merchant’s mission is to supply the best, phenomenal organic & natural mangoes  through serious quality control, assessment.

Our Philosophy

Amar Mango Merchant realizes that quality food is the subsequent stage to sound living. Providing Healthy fruits  is the foundation of our Philosophy

Farm: We have our own farms to start we guarantee that we secure the best from farms . Amar Mango Merchant reliably draws our group with various training and investigation programs.

Procurement: Our team from Amar Mango guarantees that they get the best quality produce which satisfy our quality guidelines.

Packaging: We know the meaning of freshness and quality. Our state – of the craftsmanship pack house uses present day advancement and particularly gifted staff for serious quality check.

Transportation:  Our logistics team delivers fresh mango with minimum time between farm and delivery.

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